"Stink Bomber" Hits Copper Mountain Bar 13 Times

"Stink Bomber" Hits Copper Mountain Bar 13 Times


"Stink Bomber" Hits Copper Mountain Bar 13 Times


As of now, a stink bomber is on the loose in Summit County.

After a reported 13 attacks on a local bar at Copper Mountain Ski Resort outside of Frisco, CO, Summit County police officials are searching for the stinker behind the rancid smells eminating from the Tucker’s Tavern porch. Furthermore, the suspect does not resemble a Billy Madison looking 20-something but instead appears to be a middle aged guy past his rambuncuous days of lighting bags of poo on fire. However, after over a dozen attacks in the last three years, it appears that the man responsible has a bone to pick with the locally and independently owned Tucker’s Tavern.


Photo Credit: Summit County Sheriff’s Department

What he has against the nice folks at Tucker’s is still unclear yet Sheriffs are currently searching for a motive to pinpoint their suspect.

According to police officials the man was captured on a surveillance camera, “throwing a plastic bottle filled with an unknown putrid smelling liquid onto the patio.”

So not only is this guy old but he’s creating his stink bombs a la carte… He must be a pro.

On the other hand, owner Jan Skultey is not amused one bit and told CBS Denver, “We have no clue why someone would want to do this to us, we can’t think of a reason or a person who has a grudge against our independently-owned small business.”

If you have any tips or information on the suspect in question would,  you can contact the Summit County Sheriff’s Department at 980-423-8940 or at robertp@summitcountyco.gov.

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