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As this year looks to be the strongest El Niño in the last 100 years, meteorologists are going loco making predictions for the upcoming winter. That said, weathertrends360.com is bringing some new data as well as their own predictions to the table. Here we go again.

“El Niño will reach record strong levels by November 2015 and remain in the strong category throughout the entire Winter season.” – Weathertrends360.com

Global Overview

El-Nino-7 (1)
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Europe and Asia will receive the brunt of cold weather this winter as El Nino creates warmer than normal temperatures in the USA. So far, some meteorologists are predicting it to be the second warmest winter in the past 14 years with temperatures rising to 1 degree farenheit above the average.

“Europe and the U.K. will get pummeled in snow and cold!!!!!” – Weathertrends360.com

United States Overview

Photo Credit: Weather Trends 360°

During strong El Nino years, the United States has received less than average snowfall across the country with the strongest prior El Nino in 97/98 delivering a rather dismal nation-wide snowfall total (as seen in the graph above). That said, El Nino’s effects are largely regional and snowfall amounts can vary by large degrees depending on location (especially in the southwest). Due to warmer temps there will be less snow but more precipitation. On a national scale, this year (November 2015-March 2016) will be the 2nd wettest winter in 18 years.

“National snowfall will be the least in 4 years trending 15% below average and 7% less than last year.” – Weathertrends360.com


This winter could turn biblical in California as heavy thunderstorms roll into the Golden State with unrelenting fury. Landslides, flooding, and epic snowfalls will plague the state throughout the entire winter. Huzzah!

“California will get major drought relief with the 2nd wettest season in 10 years (wettest in 5 years).” – Weathertrends360.com

“Weather Trends International is currently forecasting the 2nd wettest Winter in 10 years for California but very likely this goes even higher and more similar to 1997-1998 in light of the very strong El Niño potential.” – Weathertrends360.com

The Northeast

The prediction for the northeast is going against the Old Farmer’s Almanac in that it will be a less than average snowfall season for the east. Not only that but a historic ice storm may hit New England and Southeast Canada as well.

“Northeast will have 50% less snow than last year with the frequency of snow events down 65% to 70% but very possible all the snow comes in one major Nor’easter – MAYBE!”  Weathertrends360.com

2016/2017 = The Return of La Niña

Photo Credit: MSP Films
Photo Credit: MSP Films

Who remembers the winter of 2010/2011 also known by Matchstick Productions as the “Attack of La Niña.” I know I do. That year was epic for many resorts across the western United States. Squaw recorded over 600 inches of accumulation that year and Jackson had over 900 inches on the Rendezvous Bowl plot when the tram reopened in late May. So as El Niño breaks down during the upcoming summer there is a good chance that a La Niña will build in the Pacific delivering tons of snow to the western US for the 2016/2017 ski season.

“Winter 2016-2017 will be epic across much of the Northern Hemisphere with cold and snow as a major La Niña develops and the 30-year Pacific Decadal Oscillation Cycle (PDO) plummets back into the cold phases.”  Weathertrends360.com

You can read the entire Weather Trends 360° article here: Strongest El Niño in 100 years! Here are some predictions.