Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As ski season approaches, industry leader Domaines Skiables de France (DSF) is saying that France has just beat out the USA by a nose as the world’s top skiing destination this past year even though their numbers dropped 2.7% from the year before reports The Local.

France registered a total of 59.3 million ski days at ski resorts and ski areas around the European nation.

The United States on the other hand saw a decrease of 5.2% and their numbers dropped to a total of 53.5 million ski days.

It’s the first time in four years that France has come out on top of the traditionally dominant United States.

The DSF’s Laurent Reynaud told The Local, “We are still happy because the season was challenging, we had a difficult start in terms of snow, and a strong drop (in visitors) over the spring holidays at the end.”

French ski areas can attribute their success to the size of their immense and interconnected resorts as well as the cost of skiing in the French Alps.

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The question now is, do you believe the Domaines Skiables de France (DSF)?

Personally, I’m a little skeptical of the reporting from French “Industry Leaders” after ski resort management consultant Christoph Schrahe found out that a large number of European ski areas were exaggerating trail lengths.

What do you think?