Unofficial Networks Winter Weather Forecast for the 2015/2016 Season

Unofficial Networks Winter Weather Forecast for the 2015/2016 Season


Unofficial Networks Winter Weather Forecast for the 2015/2016 Season


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Godzilla… Bruce Lee… Chris Farley… Whatever the case, this year’s El Niño is taking on many different personalities. Although pseudonyms such as Godzilla and Bruce Lee are most likely the brainchildren of bored and overworked weather channel correspondents, NOAA has confirmed that this year’s El Niño has the potential to be one for the record books. That said, El Niño predictions last year did no good for the Sierra, which just experienced their worst season in 500 years. So with absolutely zero meteorological background but lots of speculative experience, we offer you The Unofficial Networks Winter Weather Forecast for the 2015/2016 Season… Enjoy!

The Northeast

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After what will go down as one of the best and most consistent winters New England has ever witnessed, the snow will return to the Northeast with a vengeance. Thought last year was big? Oh boy… The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a cold and snowy winter and that’s just what the Northeast will get as Mount Baker hardcores are forced to switch coasts if they want to ski powder. Sorry PNW…

The Midwest


Landfills get covered in snow again… Except for Mt. Bohemia.

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Four long years have passed since the last good season in the Tahoe area and some locals are wondering if a good season will happen again during the climate change era. However, this Unofficial reporter is holding onto hope like a fat kid holds a corndog—tight.

That said, this Godzilla, Bruce Lee, or Chris Farley El Niño will bring relief to loyal Tahoe locals who’ve stuck it out this past year and the three years before. So a year after the worst season in 500 years… Tahoe will receive 500+ inches this winter. Booyah! 


After early season storms bless Montana with a relatively good base, the snow will cease to be. What will follow is a series of bluebird months that will leave ski bum vampires in Montana seeking refuge from the light. Instead of storm skiing in their natural habitat, they’ll sit in front of their TV’s and spend more time watching the NFL and NHL.



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After a dismal season this past year, Jackson will see much of the same. Early snow will come in November providing for epic days on Teton Pass before tapering off right as the ski resort opens on Thanksgiving weekend. Good news? Jackson is always fun so put away your Bent Chetlers and pick up a pair of Rossignol Experience 88’s… it’s groomer time.

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Utah will be a roller coaster this upcoming season. The same large storms that blanket the Tetons during the early season will do the same for the Wasatch and Uintas. However, blower conditions early in the season will be followed by heavy snow in February. This change will create an upside down snowpack that will pervade the backcountry for the remainder of the season. However, inbounds riding under Wildcat will be ALL TIME! 

The Pacific Northwest

Last year was a tough one for the PNW Mt. Baker was forced to close mid season and wait for snow to allow operations to continue. That said, El Niño is not boding well for our Hobbit friends who currently call the Shire their home. However, as El Niño breaks down in the late spring, expect some big snowfalls for the higher elevation, less coastal resorts such as Mt. Bachelor.

The Southwest

The Southwest is about to tee off on this winter like Happy Gilmore on a Subway sandwich. Telluride, Silverton, and Taos will all see irregularly large snowfalls, especially in January and February. That said, Wolf Creek will steal the show with an astounding 600+ inches of snowfall by the end of April. “Talk about a hole in one…”

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