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You can now register a .ski domain extensions for your business, blogs and websites. The new web address has been designed exclusively for members of the ski sports community. By owning a .ski domain people and businesses clearly express themselves and unify their audiences.

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Official Press Release 

NEW YORK (September 8, 2015) — Dot Ski (.ski), powered by Internet registry sssssssStartingDot, officially launched today after three years of development and planning. With support and input from global organizations, including the International Ski Federation (FIS), .ski is the world’s first Internet domain space dedicated to those with a passion for ski and snow sports.

The new .ski top level domain (TLD) was created to provide the snowsports community with a new alternative to the convoluted domain space with the opportunity to register short, relevant and affordable .ski domain names. “Sharing content has become more and more engrained with our ski and snow culture, with enthusiasts sharing their experiences straight from the mountain.

.ski is set to become an essential part of a skier’s digital tool kit,” said Tom Kelly, vice president, communications for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association. “This will give our industry a place where people can create their own custom made ski experience and help foster innovation.” Part of the Internet movement of going beyond conventional domain name extensions in order to unify the innovation and passion of a specific industry, .ski domain extensions are now available starting at just $29.99 at over 60 online resellers including, GoDaddy, and Those first to sign up will have the most options to choose from, as names and abbreviations are expected to go quickly.

“.ski represents the first new TLD that actually makes sense for an entire sport to rally behind,” said Doug Bishop, general manager of the leading freeskiing website, “Gone are the days where we all need to hunt for versions of our .com domains that only somewhat make sense – we can truly create something of our own here. We are thrilled over the launch today and are excited to ignite the spark of creativity that is endemic to us all.” During the company’s limited registration period, over 1,000 ski resorts, brands, associations and athletes secured their .ski domain names including Vail Resorts, Atomic, the USSA, and U.S. freeskiers Willie Borm and Maggie Voisin, while thousands of others are expected to register or switch over during the 15/16 season. While the traditional domain space has forced companies to come up with lengthy alternatives, .ski offers the chance to snatch up shorter, more specific domain names, helping brands and business to stand out from the noise of the competition on the Internet. “The launch of .ski marks a fundamental shift in the way the snow sports community shares content online which was proven as we saw the world’s top snowsports influencers sign up in droves to be the first to get their .ski domains during our limited registration period,” said Rob Rozicki, co-founder of .ski. “With .ski now open to everyone, now is the time to carve out their space on the Internet, dedicated to what they love.”

About StartingDot
StartingDot is a leading European TLD Registry with offices in Dublin, Paris and New York City. Launched in October 2011, the registry has introduced three new generic top-level domain names (TLDs) dedicated to major sectors: .archi, .bio and .ski. The company’s TLDs help people and businesses clearly express themselves and unify their audiences. The company’s strategy focuses on TLDs in SME categories where the correlation between trade and domain name is critical.

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