Venture Snowboards Will Not Deliver Snowboards for 2015/2016 Season

Venture Snowboards Will Not Deliver Snowboards for 2015/2016 Season


Venture Snowboards Will Not Deliver Snowboards for 2015/2016 Season


Photo Credit: Venture Snowboards

Photo Credit: Venture Snowboards

This year, it seems as though things have taken an abrupt turn downwards for Venture Snowboards out of Silverton, Colorado. The craft snowboard company known for producing radically designed and high quality single planks to the snowboarding public is currently on hold as they have encountered what owners Klem and Lisa Branner refer to as “challenging terrain.”

Venture Snowboard's First Model "The Euphoria"

Venture Snowboard’s First Model “The Euphoria”

However, the Branners insist that this isn’t the end for the Snowboard company but rather a postponement of production.

The Following Is An Open Letter to All Those Who Support Venture Snowboards:

Venture Supporters,

 Venture Snowboards has encountered some challenging terrain in recent months. Circumstances beyond our control have forced us to make a tough decision. We will not be delivering any boards to market for the 2015-16 winter season. 

 To our friends, colleagues, collaborators and all you Venture riders and supporters, we are deeply sorry. We sincerely apologize for any impacts this may have on you or your business. 

To our staff who stuck by us through thick and thin—you are the heart of Venture. So many people had the best days of their lives on boards we built by hand. That is something to be proud of, something no one can take away.

 Trust us when we say we did everything possible to make it work. Venture has been a labor of love for us for more than 16 years. We did it for you, for ourselves, and for snowboarding. 

We can’t project what will happen beyond 2015-16. In the meantime, we hope you’ll support the other craft manufacturers out there who love snowboarding as much as we do.

 This isn’t goodbye. See you soon.

 Klem and Lisa Branner

Venture Snowboards

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