WATCH: Bomb Snow TV - CHILE ¿Por Qué No?

WATCH: Bomb Snow TV - CHILE ¿Por Qué No?


WATCH: Bomb Snow TV - CHILE ¿Por Qué No?


Bomb Snow just dropped their latest summer adventure flick from the Andes Mountains. Check it out! 

Bomb Snow spent five weeks exploring the incredible country of Chile. Along with CASA Tours we met up with locals, hit as many hot springs as possible, skied the best resorts and backcountry, experienced an earthquake, missed a volcanic eruption, and took in the festivities during Chilean Independence Day. If you’re thinking of heading south this summer for Chilean Pow then, ¿Por Qué No?

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Shredders: Dave Rosenbarger, Marcus Caston, Keely Kelleher, Chiqui Lizana, Meredith Eades, Alex Buecking, Ed Dujaurdin, Dave “Gomez” Johnson, Kyle Taylor, Alex Taran, Ian Wood, Sole Diaz.

Filming: Kyle Taylor, Alex Buecking, Frank Shine

Edit: Kyle Taylor

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