This Winter Could See Strongest El Niño in 50 Years

This Winter Could See Strongest El Niño in 50 Years


This Winter Could See Strongest El Niño in 50 Years


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Since the end of spring, talk of a strong El Niño trend has been the mainstay of winter-based conversations around Lake Tahoe. And now, all California ski bums can do is hope above all hope that this meteorological phenomena will end the four-year streak of low snowfall and partially relieve the severe drought plaguing the Golden State.

However, Accuweather’s senior meteorologist, Brett Anderson is giving some reason for hope by claiming that the upcoming El Niño is projected to be the strongest in 50 years.

The result?

Stoke (albeit skeptical) is starting to rise fast.

Bottom line, it’s time to go buy those 140mm underfoot skis (probably not). Yet, the news does come at a good time for the Lake Tahoe community, whose residents are gearing up to buy season passes. However, with every El Niño prediction comes a disclaimer.

And this disclaimer comes in the form of the abbreviation.

PDO or Pacific Decadal Oscillation results in isolated warm waters off the west coast, which can cause high pressure ridges, preventing inland storms from significant development. All in all, the PDO has the potential to negate El Nino effects, subsequently making snowy forecasts less likely.

That said, the trend is still for above average precipitation and that’s wonderful news for drought stricken California

You can read the entire Accuweather article here

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