Top 5 Offseason Road Trips for Ski Bums

Top 5 Offseason Road Trips for Ski Bums


Top 5 Offseason Road Trips for Ski Bums



1. Northern California

As the mountains shed their snowy layers, northern California remains evergreen. So head to the Redwoods, the Bay Area, and on the way back—hit up Yosemite for good measure. The best part of road tripping in California is that camping spots are almost always close by. Also, more often than not, that campsite sits adjacent to the ocean, offering morning views of surfing seals—which is pretty cool.

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2. Vegas

Ski towns usually lack a certain showbiz quality unless you live in Aspen. So in order to capture some Hollywood looks and Sunset Strip moral choices, ski towners head to Vegas in search of everything not included in their quaint mountain communities. Typically, ski bums go harder than the rest of the animals on the Las Vegas strip and the result is a struggling ski bum saying, “I can’t do Vegas anymore.” An empty back account and the Sunday fears are the only company these poor souls have on the long trip home to ski town salvation.

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3. Southern Utah

Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Arches, and Moab are dispersed throughout the southern portion of Utah and these areas serve as some of the most popular destinations for ski town residents during the shoulder months of spring and fall. When ski towns get quiet, these national parks get busy with road trippers trying to escape their cold climes. The understated Capitol Reef National Park doesn’t get the same crowds as Moab or Zion and the park offers one of the best backpacking loops in the area through Upper Muley Twist Canyon.


4. Baja

Most professional ski bums try their hand at surfing. Sometimes, this offseason hobby transforms into a full on obsession. So in order to chase barrels down south, ski-bums grab an old school van and head to Mexico, camping along the Baja coast in search of the next swell. Just get past Tijuana and the border as fast as possible.


5. The Grand Canyon

Not everyone is cool enough to get a rafting permit for the Grand Canyon. However, hiking into the canyon can be just as mind-blowing and offers savvy folks multiple opportunities to avoid the tourist junk show on the South Rim. Instead, head to the North Rim and obtain a backcountry permit prior to heading towards Widforss. This 10-mile backpack offers seclusion and unparalled views of the canyon and Colorado River. Get there.

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