GoPro Releases New Hero4 Session and It’s Tiny.

GoPro Releases New Hero4 Session and It’s Tiny.


GoPro Releases New Hero4 Session and It’s Tiny.


GoPro Session

Today, GoPro unveiled their newest offering in the expanding market of POV cameras—the ridiculously small Hero4 Session. Weighing 40% less than the other Hero4 models as well as being half the size, the Hero4 Session is designed to effortlessly capture footage without the bulkiness of its other POV offerings.

The result? An unbelievably simple and sharp POV camera that offers the majority of the Hero4 features in a more streamlined format, allowing users unparalleled ease while getting the footy they need for the boys.

However, what is the Session missing from the other Hero4 family members?

First off, the GoPro Hero4 Session’s resolution tops out at 1080p60, which isn’t as sharp as the Hero4 Black’s ridiculous 4k30 abilities. Also, the Session model does not include the Candide-esque 720p at 240fps slow-mo capabilities or an LED screen like the other Hero4 bros. All in all these are mostly frills that many amateur POV users need not worry about.

GoPro Session 2

However, that’s not to say the Session is not a pro level POV camera. The new design, which is inherently waterproof up to 33’ (10m) and does not include a detachable housing, offers a ready to roll POV setup, allowing users to simply plug and upload instead of having to take the camera out of the housing. In addition to its easy to use nature, the Session’s new aesthetic offers the lowest profile of any GoPro model yet, leaving lift lines and helmets devoid of the up-periscope look that has plagued ski areas for the past few years. Yet in the end, the most attractive innovation to come with the Session is its “one button control.” The one button is all you need to press in order to begin capturing footage or time-lapse photography and stopping footage is just a simple push of the button as well, keeping users from asking “is this thing on?”


All in all, the GoPro Hero4 Session is a simpler, more user-friendly member of the GoPro family. The official release date for the new model is July 12.

Price- $399.99 USD

GoPro Hero4 Session

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