Vail Resorts Raises Minimum Wage to $10

Vail Resorts Raises Minimum Wage to $10


Vail Resorts Raises Minimum Wage to $10



The Denver Post is reporting that starting September 26, Vail Resorts will raise its minimum wage for entry-level employees to $10/hour nation-wide. The Colorado-based resort group recently sent a letter to employees saying, “We are taking this step because it is incumbent on us to do the right thing for our employees as well as remain competitive as an employer.”

Currently, the Colorado wage remains at $8.23 but will rise $1.77 before the season begins ramping up. During the winter months, Vail Resorts employs over 25,000 people across the country from Minnesota to California, with 18,000 of those employees in Colorado alone. The wage increase reveals an eagerness of Vail Resorts to actively compete with neighboring resorts for the best employees the market can offer.

Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz says that there are no political motives behind the move but instead, “We are simply doing what we think is right for our stakeholders — our employees, guests, communities, mountains and shareholders.”

So rejoice lifties and rental techs, it looks like you’ll be able to afford one more six-pack of PBR a week.

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