Nepal’s Earthquake Moves Everest an Inch

Nepal’s Earthquake Moves Everest an Inch


Nepal’s Earthquake Moves Everest an Inch



After one of the most devastating earthquakes in Nepal’s history struck in late-April, the world’s tallest mountain has moved an inch to the southwest.

The findings are the result of China’s National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, who used GPS to reveal the movement. In the last decade, records indicate that Everest moves roughly 4cm to the Northeast every year. However, this movement caused by the quake, moved the mountain in the opposite direction but did not change its height.

Eighteen people died on Everest after being buried by an avalanche caused by the initial quake, which occurred on April 25th. According to Huffington Post, over 8,500 people died elsewhere in Nepal from the 7.8-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tremors.

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