The Top 10 Ski Songs of All Time Pt. 2 (6-10)

The Top 10 Ski Songs of All Time Pt. 2 (6-10)


The Top 10 Ski Songs of All Time Pt. 2 (6-10)



This time last year, we released the Unofficial Top 5 Ski Songs of All Time.

This year, we’ve expanded our list to include 6-10. The following tracks complete the The Top 10 Ski Songs of All Time and I’m looking forward to having this playlist on repeat as I do right hand slashes all day.

6. White Room: Cream

This is just outside the top 5 for who knows what reason. Bottom-line is that this is definitely a candidate for number 1. Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton did most of the composition and although neither were notably avid skiers, they produced an iconic song that matches the ski bum vernacular for the holiest of grails—the white room.

7. Rebel Rebel: David Bowie

Featured in Nimbus Independent’s opening segment for Hunting Yeti, this David Bowie rocker encapsulates the ski bum persona. The riff, which according to the AV Club “Never dies,” is eternal and more importantly is a great sound to hear while snow dumps on the deck.

8. Crazy: Seal

Featured in Greg Stump’s Requiem in the Key of Ski as well as the Bridger Brigade’s Progression in Regression, Seal’s Crazy is one of the most classic ski songs due to its inclusion in multiple ski films. There’s just something about the chorus that makes me want to throw Iron Crosses all day.

9. Baba O’Riley: The Who

Riding up the chair, the staccato kicks in, then the keys, and suddenly Keith Moon drops bombs on the drums. Once the first verse hits—all you want to do is “ski down there and jump off something.” Although the word is entirely over-used, this Who tune is nothing short of epic and it makes all my skiing, no matter how shitty, rock.

10. Angel: Massive Attack

This song served as the soundtrack to Shane McConkey’s first ever ski base off Lover’s Leap in the Tahoe area. The MSP segment featured in the Hit List, may be Shane’s best and it includes powder skiing in Tahoe and the surrounding backcountry, all set to the heavy sound of Massive Attack. This one’s for you Shane.

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