China To Develop A National Park System

China To Develop A National Park System


China To Develop A National Park System



It’s been 114 years since Theodore Roosevelt took office and created the U.S. Forest Service, which established 5 national parks, 51 bird reservations, 4 national game preserves, and 150 national forests. Now, the world watches on as China takes its first steps to create their own national park system.

According to the Financial Times, the Paulson Institute out of Chicago will help China develop a national park system that will capture tourist dollars, create environmental awareness among China’s massive population, and actively protect some of the country’s greatest natural wonders. According to reports, the country has already set aside 18% of its land for conservation but in many cases, these are simply lines on a map.

Recently, China has come under fierce scrutiny for its massive carbon footprint, water pollution, and deforestation and this move seeks to provide some ecological balance for a country desperately needing environmental guidance.

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