Surf Austin?

Surf Austin?


Surf Austin?


Austin, TX- NLand Surf Park CEO, Doug Coors is planning on creating the best artificial surf park in the world… deep in the heart of Texas.

Doug Coors (yes, Coors Brewing) claims to have finished a massive technological undertaking to create the most natural waves ever produced in an artificial setting. He claims the new park, which will span an approximately 158,400 square foot area and provide waves up to 6 feet tall, will be complete by 2016. The highlight of the project is the ability to generate waves that barrel—yes, you will get pitted.

Not only that but the park will be self-sustaining through periods of drought. The wave park will be constructed in conjunction with engineers from Wavegarden. According to the NLand Surf Park website, which went live today, “think, ski area for surfers. A premiere destination where surfers of all ages and abilities (and non surfers too) enjoy the waves, the scene and après surf.”

Hopefully, it’s even better than Electric Blue Heaven

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