Epic Alert Hoisted For The Wasatch!

Epic Alert Hoisted For The Wasatch!


Epic Alert Hoisted For The Wasatch!


Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 10.31.04 AMImage from this morning @ Snowbasin

It’s May 17th’ and the Wasatch just got Hammered with 15″ of Powder.

From: Powderchasers.com 

A significant storm will move back into southern Colorado on Monday night and into the Front Range by Tuesday.  Snow levels will be over 10,000 feet with significant accumulations at the highest summits (Southern and Central mountains). Snow showers will persist in the Wasatch however most moisture favors the south.Long term models show a continued surge of weaker systems moving back into the Rockies late next week.EPIC ALERT HOISTED FOR THE WASATCH:  El Nino has strengthened (A bit too late for most resorts) as May is turning out to be the wettest on record in many areas.  Snow data is showing 15 inches fell last night over Alta and perhaps even more at the highest summits of Snowbasin Resort (All Closed).  Colorado nabbed 8-14 inches above 9500 feet in the San Juans with videos of Faceshots at Telluride (Backcountry).  Light showers will continue to today from Aspen north through interstate 70 where it is currently snowing at most pass levels.  Snow showers will continue in the Wasatch until noon today (2-3 additional). Avalanche danger is very high currently in the backcountry with very dense deep snow over the past week. Avalanche warnings were issued this morning by the Utah Avalanche Center.

El Nino has showed signs of strengthening. Long term predictions from the Climate prediction center show an increased chance of El Nino holding on until Fall. Beyond that is anyone’s guess!  Some speculate El Nino 2015/16?  Snowfall chances increase with many areas during a strong El Nino (Sierra, Wasatch). This year we were trapped with a weak El Nino (El NADA), and warmer than normal temperatures pushing north into the Cascades.  The Cascades saw decent moisture in the form of rain. We had the worst formula for the Sierra and Cascades this season. The Sierra started to play catch up in April/May?  Hopefully that is a good sign for next season (I like to stay optimistic).

If you have not donated to Powderchasers please support our pleas!  I know it gets old but it is our survival to keep your dreams alive!  Some live vicariously and others chase. Please support our cause.  10% of all donations go to Avalanche Forecast Centers in the West.

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