Ski World Waits to See if Bode Will Make A Comeback

Ski World Waits to See if Bode Will Make A Comeback


Ski World Waits to See if Bode Will Make A Comeback


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Bode Miller accepted his nomination for the 2015-2016 U.S. Ski Team and race fans are ecstatic that the most decorated ski racer in U.S. Ski Team history may be preparing for a comeback.

Bottom line, the door is open for a future with the U.S. Ski Team and at this point it’s up to Bode to walk through and seize the opportunity. Although this nomination is a far cry from competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, the move does signify that Bode Miller is contemplating a return to ski racing. As the veteran World Cup racer assesses his health and family obligations, the sport waits for its most vibrant and controversial figure to take his place in the starting gate.

Ski racing fans speculate that Bode’s primary motive is a Downhill victory at Kitzbuehel. Victory at the legendary Hahnenkamm has proved elusive for the World Cup veteran and he has since stated “I’ve never won the downhill here (Kitzbuehel), and it is one of those things I do feel is missing from my career and my downhill record book.” To win on the “Streif” would provide legendary closure to a long and prolific career—not to mention Bode would take the coveted spot behind the bar at the Londoner, where Hahnenkamm winners past and present stake their claim post-race… Seems only fitting for the “World Cup Rebel.”

On the other hand, Bode and his wife, Morgan Beck, are expecting a child in the coming weeks. His obligations as a father and husband will outweigh all other factors in the decision to ski or not to ski. Miller’s career will have to accommodate his newborn—not the other way around. In addition to his family, Bode confronted health concerns after crashing and subsequently severing his right hamstring on the Super G course at the World Championships in Beaver Creek, CO. Bode told NBC after surgery that he was “leaning pretty heavy towards not going out there anymore.” However, during the same interview he also said, “I’ve tried to retire a couple times, but it really didn’t stick.”

The final roster will not be announced until this fall and as we sit in suspense, fans hope that skiing’s bad boy returns to the downhill course for one more year.

At the end of the day, skiing is just more fun when Bode Miller is involved. Come Back Bode!

Quotes Courtesy of the Associated Press

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