If you are looking do some basejumping around Moab this is probably the closest you are going to get to a tour book. I feel like for half of these the ride really begins after you pull the chute…

Lakeside, has a jump called “Steel Reserve,” that has been jumped for years and all the jumps in this video are in the same vicinity. Its also the road you use to hike out from “The Gorge.” There are no ropes required for decent rock climbers to get to any of the exits in this video, but some of them do require segments of –sometimes heady– scrambouldering. A group of us jumped over the top of steel reserve in 2013, then jumped the wall opposing that(across the river), the wall on the backside too, then this year opened two exits at the top of the hill, a handheld cliff, a stowed cliff, a handheld fin, a handheld tower, and an arch you can PCA and have a 40second canopy ride. All of these jumps have sub 30 min hikes and rad canopy flights; except 1– which I called widow maker. I would probably only jump it again in a S-SW wind which may give you enough to fly the whole creek and over the set of waterfalls.

Pretty much all of the jumps you see in this video were done with OSP canopies loaded just under .7 WE have found there to be no “issue with the glide,” over either the regular weight OSP, or the lite weight OSP. We have been shortening the distance between our toggle and our shallow brake setting though; sometimes by 16″ Anyway, if you have made it this long in the description, you’re awesome and thank you for the support! We shall continue jumping all over the 435, stay as safe as possible whilst still accomplishing progressive goals, and maybe one day– we shall see you in the desert!

Jumps in order in video
Money Maker – (150ft- 550overall)
Widow Maker– (160ft- 280 overall)
Fuck You Kindly- (350ft-400ftoverall)
Stegosaurus Wall – (350ft- 400ftoverall)
Lakeside Arch– (150ft- 550ft overall)
Over the Moon -(350ft, 400overall)
Medusa Tower (215ft, 500ft overall)
The Boardwalk ( 190ft, 400ft overall)
not shown (Rock Bottom, 200ft, 400ft overall.)

WORD OF THE DAY – Scrambouldering: scrambling up boulders?