New .SKI Domain Names For Ski Industry Coming To The Web

New .SKI Domain Names For Ski Industry Coming To The Web


New .SKI Domain Names For Ski Industry Coming To The Web


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Starting in July you will be able to register .ski domain extensions for your business, blogs and websites. The new web address have been designed exclusively for members of the ski sports community.Registration of .SKI domain names will begin in limited availability from July 2015 and eventually open to anyone in snowsports from october. You can pre-register your future web address now!

“Welcome to .SKI (dot-ski), the new Internet domain space dedicated to ski and snowsports. .SKI has been specially created for the ski industry and ski enthusiasts. .SKI has been developed in partnership with the International Ski Federation (FIS). Registration of domain names such as will start in July 2015.” –

Why you might get a .SKI domain

Ski Resort: Look for ski resorts to start using the .ski domain extensions. Isn’t much more streamlined than

Ski Business: Companies like Rossignol can now have domains that identify their skiing focus with domains like

Athletes: In the upcoming year look for athletes to have domains like

Skiers: If you are a ski setting up a personal blog or website you might want to think about getting a .ski domain extension.


The legacy domain extension, .com, currently has more than 100 million registrations. The brand new .SKI domain extension has been created with the needs and desires of ski enthusiasts, athletes, and businesses (including retailers, manufacturers, and media outlets) in mind. .SKI is for any member of the ski community who is looking for a more effective way to increase or develop an online presence.

Find out more and register your new domain name HERE (

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