6 Skiers Die in French Avalanche

6 Skiers Die in French Avalanche


6 Skiers Die in French Avalanche



Six skiers are dead following an avalanche in the French Alps. The group of four men and two women, aged between 58 and 73, were skiing in the Queyras mountain range in France, which is close to the border with Italy. The event is being reported as one of the deadliest avalanches ever in the French Alps.

It has been reported that the group of skiers belonged to a local branch of the French skiing federation, which was holding a national conference on Sunday.  They were reported to be experience skiers and mountaineers who knew the area well.

The total deaths due to avalanches in France has already reached 17. On average France usually sees somewhere around 30 deaths due to avalanche per year.

A noted American skier who had been living in Chamonix also died this week in another avalanche in the Alps (Dave Rosenbarger Dies in Avalanche in Italy).

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