7 Killed By Avalanche in Japan.

7 Killed By Avalanche in Japan.


7 Killed By Avalanche in Japan.



Four people are confirmed dead and three others are presumed dead following three separate avalanches in Japan. The incidents occurred in the Niigata and Nagano prefectures which each received over 4 feet of snow over the weekend.

An avalanche on Sunday struck just out of bounds at Ryuoo Ski Park in Yamanouchi, Nagano prefecture, killing two Argentine skiers (one confirmed age 50).

A second incident on Sunday killed a 35-year-old Japanese man from Nagoya in an avalanche in the Myoko area near the Akakura Kanko Ski Resort.

It’s unclear if any of the skiers killed over the weekend were carrying avalanche equipment at the time of the accidents.

Three climbers, 57-years-old, 59-years-old, and 66-years-old have also been missing for 4 days. Authorities believe that the climbers were caught in an avalanche and are presumed dead.

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