Top 5 Reasons to Ski Banff Canada's Big 3

Top 5 Reasons to Ski Banff Canada's Big 3


Top 5 Reasons to Ski Banff Canada's Big 3



Nestled within Canada’s oldest national park is Ski Banff Canada’s Big 3. Banff Canada’s Big 3 – Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and Mount Norquay – are three world class ski resorts that every skier should visit. Here are 5 reasons why you should come ski them. 


#5. Friendly Canadian People: Canadians are some of the friendliest people in the world. Whether you’re riding up a chairlift, checking into a hotel or just hanging out at a bar, you are sure to strike up a conversation. You will also find that unlike other ski resorts, locals are happy to show off their mountains by taking you into their secret stashes.

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#4. Easy To Get To: Banff is located just 1.5 hours from Calgary International Airport making it one of the easiest ski regions to get to. Calgary offers scheduled non-stop flights to major cities in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and East Asia. With no major passes to cross, Banff is hardly ever “cutoff” during winter storms.


#3. It’s a National Park: Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park, established in 1885. National Park status means you are not going to see resorts overrun by condos and cookie cutter base areas. Oh, and don’t forget to keep your eyes out for wildlife spottings.


#2. The Views: The views from Ski Banff Canada’s Big 3 are simply draw dropping. The Northern Rockies are some of the most beautiful mountains anywhere in the world. Just makes sure you also keep an eye on where your skiing.


#1. The Best Snow In Canada: The ski resorts located in Banff National Park are known for having the best snow in Canada. The park is treated to super light “blower” powder. You don’t ski on the snow here, you ski in it.


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