6 Keys to Getting a Proper Boot Fit

6 Keys to Getting a Proper Boot Fit


6 Keys to Getting a Proper Boot Fit



6 Keys to Getting a Proper Boot Fit

By, Barclay Idsal

After buying a pair of $900 boots, you’re ready to get your first boot fit! So sit your ass in that chair, lift up your feet, and let this bearded stranger molest your Phalanges for the next 90 minutes. But before you put your fungus-infested big toe in this stranger’s beard, take a second and let him know what you want. If you don’t, you’ll be swimming or strangled in your boots for the rest of the season. Here are the 6 keys to a proper boot fit.

1) Never say never.

When the boot technician places your foot in the boot and asks, “Does it fit?” Never say yes or no. Add your own vague comments on how your foot feels encased in hard plastic. “It feels a little nubby” or “my toe hurts on the left side” are valid responses. Ignore his look of disgust.

2) Complain

“My feet still hurt” and “Tighter… but not too tight” are all appropriate feedback streams. If there is less than 5 lb’s of plastic or rubber taped to your feet, demand more. The more plastic contours, the better. Just keep complaining. He will inevitably head into a back room, where a grinder grinds and a glue gun glues. These are both keys to a proper boot fit.

3) Find the Sweet Spot

Dremels, punches, and expansion tools are all necessary when getting the right fit. If your boot fitter doesn’t use at least two of these tools, you’re getting cheated. Make sure the boot fitter knows you mean business by pointing to your oversized big toe and winking. Get it done is what this gesture says.

4) Bed My Foot

If it’s not made out of some cool looking shit. Don’t go for it. Urban camouflage patterns, metallic inlays, and Technicolor stripes are all marks of a quality foot bed.

5) Mold your Mind

Getting your liner (and in some cases shell) molded to your foot is crucial. Disregard a sock and go au naturale, allowing for maximum contact and odor. After the liner has been heated. Send it back and demand 100 more degrees Fahrenheit for 10 additional minutes. Then and only then will your feet swell enough to give you the fit you deserve.

6) The Extra Sock

After the mold, switch gears and try the boot on with two pairs of heavy, loose fitting cotton socks. This gives you a tighter fit, creates more heat within the boot, and prevents blisters. Plan on wearing two socks for the remainder of your skiing career. Finally, slide your feet in those plastic bear traps and shred on brother!

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