Lib Tech Legend Jamie Lynn's Timelapse Mural

Lib Tech Legend Jamie Lynn's Timelapse Mural


Lib Tech Legend Jamie Lynn's Timelapse Mural


Snowboard pioneer and artist, Jamie Lynn, came out to JH do this amazing mural for the Asymbol Gallery.  Its no wonder why people buy his boards just as wall pieces.

“When Jamie Lynn calls to say it’s time to come out to Jackson Hole and paint a mural inside the new Asymbol Gallery, the answer is yes. Or more specifically, “f_ck yeah it is Jamie.” And so it was… Over the course of 5 days in October 2014, Jamie painted this mural, with creative input from compatriots Travis Rice, Bryan Iguchi and the Asymbol team. Each sunrise brought new elements, wrought with cans of paint and inspiration, laid down by Jamie the night before.

“I don’t really think about what needs to happen or why, it’s just a matter of living a completely full and fun life. Not knowing makes it interesting, it keeps me moving forward.” – Jamie Lynn

here are a few more examples of his work…







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