Powder Alert: BC, Sierra, ID, WY, MT OR, WA | Powderchasers.com

Powder Alert: BC, Sierra, ID, WY, MT OR, WA | Powderchasers.com


Powder Alert: BC, Sierra, ID, WY, MT OR, WA | Powderchasers.com


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From: Powderchasers.com 

Northwest/BC:  Sharp cold front is stalled over central British Columbia currently that will bring moderate to heavy snowfall to higher elevations tonight and Friday (Revelstoke, Rogers Pass, Fernie, Red Mountain).  Whistler will see moderate snowfall tonight where the Cascades get a final dose of rain with warmer temperatures.  That cold front will sag south on Friday night bringing 7-12 inches of fresh powder to the the Cascades in Washington (North and South).  Saturday will be moderately deep from Baker to Crystal and along Interstate 90.   That snow will taper by Saturday afternoon.   Some Convergence zones are likely near Stevens Pass (Cold air coming off of the Puget Sound creating snow squalls).

Sierra:   Some good news for the Sierra with models jumping around consistently on amounts over the next 5 days.  We are confident for 7-11 inches above 7,000 feet late Friday-Saturday night.  Deep low pressure spinning off the coast will pump moisture into California for several days next week.  There appears to breaks in the action but overall confidence is for decent snowfall Tuesday and again late Wednesday/Thursday.  Brief breaks of sun will quickly be followed by more moisture (Overall moisture will be very location dependent but not surprised to see 12-15 inches on top of this weekends storm.  Amounts could be higher depending on exact track? Moisture will be overspreading much of the State including south (All areas see snow with a possible edge towards the south near Mammoth). Highest amounts will be this weekend as well as mid next week.

Idaho, Wyoming, Montana:   Very high confidence for a solid advisory for areas inNorthern and Central Idaho (Bogus Basin, Stanley backcountry and Sun Valley get the goods again), as well as most of Western Montana (7-14 inches).  Bridger Bowl, Big Sky, will see snow late Friday into late Saturday night. The Tetons in Wyoming see deeper action Saturday (late AM) through Sunday morning (8-14).  I would choose late Saturday (Free refills) or Sunday AM.  Idaho on Saturday!


Friday: Central BC, Whistler

Saturday: Sierra, Cascades,  North Central Idaho, Southern Montana, and Tetons-PM.

Sunday:  Tetons (Left over refills)

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