The Unofficial Top 5 Ski Snacks

By, Barclay Idsal

Don’t want your stomach stopping your shred?  Pack one of these tasty treats, save money, and never miss a beat. Here are the Unofficial Top 5 On the Slope Snacks.

1) The PB&J: A perennial powerhouse, the PB&J is a standard for those who can’t afford a $5 slice of pizza or a $10 burger at the base. The PB&J comes in at 25 cents resulting in a delicious, portable, and nutritional snack that includes carbohydrates, protein, and vitamin C. Pull it out of your jacket pocket and enjoy your chairlift lunch. Meanwhile at the base, your friends stopped to order nachos that cost $12 and took 30 minutes to get to the table. All the while, you haven’t missed a faceshot.

2) Apple: Apples don’t get squashed in your pocket like oranges or bananas. Also, the Apple can be multi function for any MacGyver with a knife or pen.

3) Snickers: I’ve lost count of how many energy bars are marketed towards the EXTREME. Supplement bars containing flax, soy, and hemp brotein cost upwards of $5 while Snickers are still $1. The chocolate provides instant energy while the peanuts give you protein. Win. Win.

4) Rice Crispy Treat: Enough said. Just beware of extremely cold days as these treats can turn into tooth cracking bricks.

5) Shepherd’s Pie: People are probably thinking, “What is he talking about?” and “You can’t eat Shepherds Pie on a chairlift.” However, Shepherds Pie is a hearty snack that can be stored in Tupperware and heated at any mid-mountain restaurant with a microwave. The manager might give you a dirty look but the skid behind the register will nod with approval as you head to your table, crack a beer you brought from home, and sit down to enjoy this heart warming creation. Quick, cheap, and easy, Shepherds Pie rules the savory category.

What is your favorite ski snack?