This Man Was Inches Away From Death.

This Man Was Inches Away From Death.


This Man Was Inches Away From Death.


This incredible video was shared online by the Snohomish County helicopter rescue team. The video shows the team performing a terrifying but ultimately successful rescue of a hiker found clinging to the edge of a steep mountain cliff, 5000 feet above sea-level.

According to Snohomish HRT, they received an assistance request on the evening of 6/30/14 from the King County Sheriff for a hiker who had become “cliffed out” above Melakwa Lake near Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. The helicopter crew spotted the stranded hiker at the 5000ft level on the west side of the mountain peek in vertical terrain. Luckily they were able to successfully use a Strop extraction technique to bring the hiker to safety.

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