Top 5 Powder Skis of 2015

Top 5 Powder Skis of 2015


Top 5 Powder Skis of 2015


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When the snow starts flying you better have some big boards to enjoy the deepness with. Every core skier knows that nothing will turn a powder day into the greatest day of your life like having the right pair of skis on your feet. But what makes a great powder ski? For us it’s a combination of width, camber profile, construction, but most of all it’s the way they feel in deep snow.

We have been able to test just about all of the latest powder skis for 2015 and these stood out as some of the best. All these skis are bigger than 110 underfoot and all these skis will allow you to ski deep powder better than you should be able to. Happy turns!


Unofficial’s Pick of the Top 5 Powder Skis of 2015


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4FRNT: Hoji

Length: 179, 187, 195cm
Dimensions: 129-112-120mm (187)
Price: $749

Manufacturer’s Description
Welcome to Eric Hjorleifson’s “go-to” signature ski. Inspired by the success of the matching sidecut and rocker radii, or Reflect TechTM, that the Renegade employs, Eric went back to the drawing board. The squashed pintail sinks into the snow allowing a more forward mounting position, and centered and balanced feel. The nimble and responsive HOJI produces a powder skiing sensation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Powerful enough to charge spines in AK and light enough for you to have the fire stoked at the yurt before your friends get there.

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Blizzard: Spur

Length: 189cm
Dimensions: 146-125-134mm
Price: $799

Manufacturer’s Description
Meet the latest athlete inspired, POW slaying machine and the most futuristic offering from Blizzard to date. Combining the revolutionary Flipcore process with the most progressive construction materials – carbon tips and tails – and you get a ski that revolutionizes what is possible in powder snow!  The top end stability in tracked out snow defies logic, yet the ease at which you can smear, surf or carve your turns in powder is mind blowing. Limited Availabilty.

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Dynastar: Cham 117

Length: 180, 190cm
Dimensions: 147-117-127mm
Price: $749

Manufacturer’s Description
The evolution of the award-winning CHAM freeride series is here with the all-new CHAM 117. A new, next-generation blend of rocker and sidecut combined with Dynastar’s lightweight HM construction increases versatility while retaining the hard-charging, competitive-level performance demanded by freeride world champions Aurelien Ducroz and Reine Barkered. More moderate rocker through the tip of the ski increases snow contact, eliminating tip deflection for easier tracking and increased control. The new rockered pintail design enhances floatation in powder while providing the power, stability, and speed control to navigate the most demanding terrain and snow conditions. And with a smoother, refined five-point sidecut, and more balanced, lightweight paulownia wood core, the new CHAM 117 delivers playful, fall-line-seeking performance for the most committed freeriders. Built in Chamonix, the birthplace of extreme skiing, the new CHAM 117 simply redefines “freeride”.

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Atomic: Bent Chetler

Length: 178, 185, 192cm
Dimensions: 142-120-134mm
Price: $699

Manufacturer’s Description
The Atomic Bent Chetler is a ski that already has legendary status. But with this new sixth generation model the pillow bashing and powder slashing has never been more fun. Along with Chris’s input, we created a ski that not only floats better in deep snow but allows you to expand on the possibilities in powder. Blending an ABS sidewall construction with a revolutionary horizontal rocker, brand-new HRZN Tech adds 10% more surface area in tip and tail for better tracking through chop and crud, and less tip deflection. Its Powder Rocker profile combines the perfect amount of tip and tail rocker, while the camber under foot delivers epic performance through turns and nose butters. With Carbon Sprocket Power Boosters laid onto the Lite Woodcore for rocker stability, a new Step Down Sidewall 2.0 for durability and a 120mm waist for limitless floatation, the new Bent Chetler is the ultimate playful tool for your powder missions.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 10.07.01 AM

Faction: Candide 4.0

Length: 175, 183, 190cm
Dimensions: 150-122-140mm
Price: $1039

Manufacturer’s Description
“I loved the award-winning Royale, however, I wanted to make some minor tweaks to the flex and lighten it up. So we changed the core to a lightweight hybrid and refined the flex. The Candide 4.0 is unbelievably versatile considering its width and the firmer flex makes it perform in chopped-up snow, big mountain lines and pillows.” – Candide Thovex

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