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10 Things Every Skier Must Do Before They Die

Score first chair on a powder day: Scoring first chair on a powder day is a right of passage for all powderhounds. Make the most of it and send that big air!

Ski Japan: Japan is the snowiest place on Earth. On the northern island of Hokkaido ski resorts average more than 550″ of super light powder each season. When you’re done skiing the thermal hot springs, delicious food and unique culture make for a one of a kind ski experience.  Why would you not check it out?

Tune your own skis: Tuning your own skis is really not that hard and once you get the hang of it it can become quite enjoyable. First thing you should do is head to a solid local ski shop and ask the local bro what tools you need for a simple tune of your skis. Then watch some video on how best to do a tune (we like this one Doug Coombs, Quick And Painless Ski Tune). Tuning your own gear will not only help you keep ahead of your buddies it will also keep you mindful of the state of your gear.

Go Heli-skiing: There is nothing like the thrill of heli-skiing. A helicopter allows you to access terrain that would otherwise take you hours or even days to reach. We know it ain’t cheap, but you just gotta do it.

Get your Avalanche Level 1: You don’t need to be a backcountry junky to benefit from some basic avalanche safety. More and more we are seeing reports of inbound avalanches at ski resorts. An AIARE Avalanche Level 1 will help you make up your own mind when it comes to snow safety and might just save your ass.

“Summer Ski” below the equator: It has been said that you are not truly a hardcore ski bum until you give up a summer to go skiing. Your options are South America (Chile and Argentina) or Oceania (Australia and New Zealand). Both options are good ones but the wine, women and peaks of South America get our vote.

Eat it so hard you end up in the hospital: As the old saying goes “If you’re not falling you’re not trying.” As a skier you owe it to yourself to take at least one really hard digger that will put you in the hospital. Just don’t you go dying on me.

Ski in Europe: Europe is the birth place of the sport we all love. There are literally hundreds of different ski areas to choose from so it’s impossible to say which ski areas you should hit up, but Chamonix, Verbier and La Grave are all good places to start. If you are looking for a family trip, or a romantic getaway, you might want to check out the dolomites in Northern Italy.

Watch the following movies: Blizzard of Ahhhs, Hot Dog…The Movie, There’s Something About McConkey, Aspen Extreme, and oh yeah…. G.N.A.R.

Do a BN run: There is nothing quite like the feeling of skiing down a mountain butt naked.


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