Strategies of the weekend warrior provides some tips on how to continue having awesome weekends on the. We all live to ski right. Strategies of the Weekend Warrior | Unofficial Networks

Strategies of the Weekend Warrior

Strategies of the Weekend Warrior


Strategies of the Weekend Warrior



By -Magee Walker

Before I saw the light and moved to Whistler, I used to be a Weekend Warrior. You know the type: You are the type: work outrageously hard all week with a poster of the mountains in your cubicle, counting down the minutes until the weekend, at which point you will cruise on down the Sea to Sky for two glorious days of pow shredding (99% or our readers). While these weekends are amazing (and possibly the only thing that gets you through the week), they can also get very costly, very quickly. The actual snow sporting is cheap if you have already bought a pass, but the accompanying activities can add up. Below are some tips on how to continue having awesome weekends on the cheap

…You can stay with me


The best strategy for cheap accommodations is to find a friend with rich parents who own a cabin in Whistler, or better yet, to have your own rich parents who own a cabin in Whistler. Getting an invite up every weekend to a friend’s place can be a challenge, so your best bet is to diversify and find several friends with cabins. Keep a solid rotation so as not to overstay your welcome.

The second best strategy is to find friends who live in Whistler and crash at their places. If you’re living in Vancouver, chances are at least a few of your friends have given into the dream and moved here. If you’re unsure, keep your eye out for the person who posts pictures on Facebook of a bluebird day on 7th Heaven mid-week. If you can secure yourself a space at their house, you’ve won. Note that accommodations can range from your own bedroom and bed (roommate is away—success!) to a corner on the floor, where you will proceeded to get trampled by loud roommates as they come home from a fun night at the Longhorn or wherever. Don’t forget to offer your Whistler friends a couch to crash on when they come down to the city.

Finally, the last minute vacation deals on can be somewhat reasonable, depending on your timing. Squeeze as many weekend warriors as you can in one room (but beware the extra person booking charges -easy to bypass for the skilled hotel crasher as hotels have many doors)

Food and Beverage

If you have access to a kitchen (some hotels even have kitchenettes—awesome), use it. BYO cereal and milk, and make a group dinner (tacos or pasta are known winners and are cheap and easy). Learn to embrace the pocket sandwich. PB&J + banana + toasted bread (the toasting helps hold the shape in the pocket) = winning combo. Prior to party times, acquaint yourself with the pre-drink to avoid paying $10 per drink at the bar.

For on mountain snacks see “How To Eat Free Every Day”

Maybe the best day of the year!

If you enjoy going out for food and beverage, learn the specials around town. Half price appetizers from 5 PM to 6 PM at Flipside ($6 for a dozen wings, not bad), $5.75 double highballs at Three Below all the time, and so forth. You can even find a $10 pitcher at a certain pub, but I’m not going to name it because it’s small and I like being able to get a seat

The End Show @wssf. HOLY FUN

Party Rocking

Did I already say predrink? Establish relationships by going to the same places and being friendly to the staff. Converse with the doormen if there is a wait. Go to the same bartender and tip kindly. Never cause problems. In time, your relationship will flourish and great things will happen. Or just be a hot chick.

Have Fun Driving Back to Vancouver!

Enjoy a fine dinner from your choice off Wendy’s Value Menu on the drive home, and get stoked on your next weekend adventures! 

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