No matter how much we complain about the I-70 traffic, overcrowding on the mountains, and the general difficulty to enjoy a day at the resort, you can’t really argue that Colorado doesn’t have some of the best, if not the best, skiing in the United States. Tons of big resorts, good snow, and sweet terrain puts the state way up there on the list. It’s at least better skiing than anything in the midwest, right? Right?!

According to TikToker alexwehrley, the ski areas of Wisconsin are actually better than anything in Colorado. Her reasons include actually having bunny hills (in Colorado, anything called a “bunny hill” might as well be a black diamond), having less snow, meaning a lower risk of avalanches, and less runs, so you always run into your friends!

I won’t spoil the rest for ya. Obviously she’s joking, but it’s a good joke.

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