Front Range, Colorado — If you want to drive to the top of Mt. Blue Sky, formerly known as Mt. Evans, you should probably do it soon.

Starting in September, the Mount Blue Sky Scenic Byway will be closed. Road construction will commence either near the end of July or in early August of this year, with partial lane closure around Summit Lake planned. On September 3rd, the road will officially close to the public. The construction area will be from the start of Colorado Highway Five to above Summit Lake. The closure will continue throughout 2025. Its projected reopening date is Memorial Day weekend 2026. Hikers will still be allowed to access Mt. Blue Sky, but only through the hiking trails.

The road this year will open on May 31st, conditions permitting. If you want to drive up the road this year, you’ll need to make a reservation. To reserve a spot for your vehicle, you’ll also need to create an account on Reservations open tomorrow at 8 a.m. MST.

If you are wondering why Mount Evans had its name changed, the Arapaho and Cheyenne Tribes of Oklahoma and the Wilderness Society sent in a petition to the Board on Geographic Names to change the name due to the legacy of John Evans. Evans, who was the second territorial governor of Colorado, is remembered by Native Americans for approving what would become the Sand Creek Massacre. In September 2023, the mountain’s name was renamed Blue Sky, which holds historical significance for the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes.

Image/Video Credits: U.S. Forest Service-Arapaho & Roosevelt Natl Forests Pawnee National Grassland, Emmanuel Appiah, Colorado Department of Transporation, Sidetrack Adventures, Colorado Parks & Wildlife

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