Several Tahoe Ski Resorts Closing Despite Great Conditions

Several Tahoe Ski Resorts Closing Despite Great Conditions


Several Tahoe Ski Resorts Closing Despite Great Conditions


FOX40 brings us this story on the early closing of many Tahoe ski resorts.

“At Squaw Valley, the ticket windows are shut, and the lifts are closed. Sunday was the last day of the season. A real shame according to some skiers who raved about the snow conditions.

“I’ve been coming to the last day at Squaw for the last ten years, and this was probably the best last day in terms of quality of snow I’d ever seen,” said Steve Stefanki.

Garret Cygan, a snowboarder, requested Squaw Valley to “keep it open longer [because] that would be cool.”

The resort isn’t saying why it’s not staying open later, but says its sister resort, Alpine Meadows, will stay open for limited days until May 11th.

Melissa Brouse, a spokesperson for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows said Alpine Meadows “will be open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. So if you couldn’t make it up this weekend, which was a really great weekend, hey there’s still time at Alpine.”

Meanwhile, skiers say this weekend was a welcome change from the rest of the season, which had rather poor conditions.

“They have no snow in February or January when it was really tough,” said Stefanki. But Stefanki is hopeful for next season. “Next year is El Niño they say, so that means a lot of moisture, so maybe a lot of snow, you never know.”

Kirkwood also had its last run of the season today. Boreal’s website says they won’t be back open until the fall. So if you do plan to come up, make sure it’s on a weekend, and that the resort you’re going to is still open.”

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