The Time Is Now To Help Decide The Future of Squaw Valley!

The Time Is Now To Help Decide The Future of Squaw Valley!


The Time Is Now To Help Decide The Future of Squaw Valley!


The time is now to help decide the future of Squaw Valley!

Goal of Incorporation

Incorporate Olympic Valley’s mission is to protect the spirit of our valley through incorporation as a means to greater self-determination. We believe decisions regarding our future should be made locally, by the residents.


Squaw Valley (officially known as Olympic Valley) is one of the most iconic alpine settings in North America. Host to the 1960 Winter Olympics, the world-class ski resort is home to over 1,000 full-time residents.

Our future is at a crossroads. Currently, decision making is made by Placer County, where 4 out of 5 supervisors do not live in the area. Large-scale development is being planned and water is becoming more scarce.

Incorporate Olympic Valley (IOV) is a grassroots movement founded by a group of long-time residents who believe land planning and determining the future should be made locally.

Progress to Date

Incorporate Olympic Valley has begun the process of forming our own town:

  • Completed our Initial Fiscal Analysis, which shows the town would be financially viable
  • Petition signed by over 50% of residents
  • Submitted a formal application to LAFCO, along with a $25,000 deposit
  • Raised over $80,000 from private donors and grants
  • Assembled a diverse team of board members and advisers

The Road Map Ahead

  • Complete Revenue Negotiations
  • Complete Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis
  • Obtain approval from LAFCO
  • Send to the ballot for a simple majority of registered Olympic Valley voters

Benefits of Incorporation

  • Decide how our tax dollars are spent
  • Ensure our bright future for generations
  • Control land use and planning locally

How Can You Help?

Please help us keep Squaw Valley a place that future generations will love to come and visit.

In order to complete our mission, approximately $25,000 is needed to pay for additional legal and administrative costs, the comprehensive fiscal analysis, and other costs associated with the incorporation process.

You can also help us by sharing our campaign with your friends and family.

Together, we can put the “unity” in Community!

LINK: Squaw Valley: Help Decide Its Future

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