Watch: Terrifying Paragliding Accident [0:41]

Watch: Terrifying Paragliding Accident [0:41]


Watch: Terrifying Paragliding Accident [0:41]


Story and video courtesy of Gregor Žilnik

Rescue and medical staff appeared at the scene of the crime in no time, 10 min probably. In 50 minutes arrived a military helicopter and transported me to Ljubljana trauma. Thanks to all that unselfishly helped there and later, this adventure that I do not intend to repeat never again.

Consequences: Broken vertebrae in the spine L2 lumbar vertebra, which was successfully screwed together with some help from the hip bones , and a fractured T8 dorsal vertebra , which is without prejudice and frozen ass and right thigh , but it is already melts . : D

I sincerely hope that you will learn from my mistakes look at the video and to extract as much as possible from this event.

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