FWQ Ski/Board Double Trouble | Casey Lucas & Katrina Devore Profiles

FWQ Ski/Board Double Trouble | Casey Lucas & Katrina Devore Profiles


FWQ Ski/Board Double Trouble | Casey Lucas & Katrina Devore Profiles


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This years Crested Butte event will feature snowboarders as well as skiers.  When it comes to Freeride competitions skiers and riders get along more like peanut butter and jelly than the cats and dogs stereotype that the general public would like to believe. Two ladies that will be attacking the lines at CB with week are snowboarder Casey Lucas and Skier Katrina Devore.

Snowboarders from all over North America like Kirkwood’s Casey Lucas started descending on the quaint town of Crested Butte as early as today to cause mayhem and shred pow! Female skiers will also be destroying pillows and dodging rocks this year in CB. Katrina Devore will be driving the long way around from Aspen to get nasty on the powder caked venues of Body Bag and Big Hourglass.

Here is some hot Bio action for ya:

Casey Lucas

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Where did you grow up skiing? I grew up skiing and snowboarding in South Lake Tahoe.

Where is your home hill now? My home mountain is Kirkwood Mountain Resort.

What is your favorite thing about your home hill? My favorite thing about Kirkwood is the diverse terrain rocks, shoots, fast wide open lines…

When was your first Freeride competition and how did it go? Not sure when my first Freeride competition was, put it this way it was a long time ago and my score card from the judges said “why are you in this competition?” So when I was still learning to snowboard. 

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What is your favorite part of the FWQ? My favorite part of the FWQ has to be the new stops at resorts I have never been to. Snowboarding is all about the adventure and journey. Meeting new people and riding new challenging terrain is what it’s all about.

What keeps you coming back? After riding in the FWT tour last season I want nothing more to get back to the 5* Tour. I know it’s going to be a challenge but I am ready to take it on.

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What have you been working on improving for this season? I have been focused on getting as strong as I can. I have been working out to strengthen my mind, body, and spirit. To be able to send bigger cliffs and commit to bigger lines. It is a goal to learn more tricks like backflips but with the low snow year in Tahoe I have not had many opportunities.

What do you do to train for the FWQ?  I train off season at Crossfit and I ride my mountain bike.

Who is your favorite rider and who influenced you most? My favorite riders have to be Marie France Roy and Josh Daiek. MFR has continually produces sick video segments sending fluid big lines. Josh Daiek has showed me that know matter where you come from you can be successful in the snow sports industry. With passion and grace Josh continually pushes himself which inspires me never to stop reaching for my dreams and enjoying the ride along the way.

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Sponsor shout outs? My sponsors are Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Oakley, Dakine, Phar North, and South Lake Tahoe Crossfit.

Any other shout outs? A shout out to my family and friends who have always supported me! I would not be where I am today with out you all!

Moto: Let go, breathe in deep and don’t be afraid to fly!

Katrina Devore

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Where did you grow up skiing? Aspen, Colorado

Where is your home hill now? Aspen, Colorado

What is your favorite thing about your home hill? We’ve got really good steeps and fun shred posses. I never have to call anyone up to go skiing I just show up on Aspen Mountain and run into all my friends.

When was your first Freeskiing competition? Snowbird in 2011

How did it go? Um it was my first comp. But everyone was cool and it was fun enough to keep me coming back!

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What is your favorite part of the FWQ? What keeps you coming back? Im going to obviously try and do well but I keep doing the comps because I love everyone who does these comps. Its the only time all these people are in one place at the same time and its fun to get to go ski in rad places with a bunch of friends.

What have you been working on improving for this season? I would like to get some tricks down but I havent really done anything yet to achieve that. 🙂

What do you do to train for the FWQ? I rock climb and do yoga and train at the Aspen Club and Spa.

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Who is your favorite rider? Who influenced you most? My brother, Nick Devore, is my favorite rider and the reason that I got into doing these comps!

If you could go skiing with anyone, who would it be? My dad

Sponsor shout outs? Faction Skis, Strafe Outerwear, Pret Helmets, Astis Mittens, Panda Poles, Optic Nerve, Aspen Club and Spa, Jammy Pack

Any other shout outs? My mother for the worry I cause her

Motto if you had to say one? Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile

Anything else unique about you, your skiing story, and how you go to where you are now? My brother and I were in the movie Aspen Extreme

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Some hot skiing action from Katrina and the one and only Chris Tatsuno:

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