Heavy Powder Alert: 2-5 Feet of Snow Likely For The Sierra!

Heavy Powder Alert: 2-5 Feet of Snow Likely For The Sierra!


Heavy Powder Alert: 2-5 Feet of Snow Likely For The Sierra!





POWDER SYNOPSIS: SIGNIFICANT long duration storm will begin to impact the West as early as Thursday in Oregon and California before it moves into Idaho and eventually the Northern Rockies by Friday.  Snow will continue to intensify with each passing wave through Monday.  The heaviest events will most likely occur Saturday-Monday.  Snow density will be light initially in the Sierra and Rockies (Thursday-Friday). Warm air will move into most areas by the weekend with snow levels rising to above 7,000 feet with a subtropical moisture tap to feed several feet of high elevation snow especially over the Sierra.   Snow level drops again in the Sierra by Sunday and in the Rockies on Monday.  Powderchasers is forecasting some locations to be in the 4-5 feet range by Monday on the Sierra Crest. This is a game changing storm for California!

DETAILS: This is not an easy forecast with so many waves of energy and flip flopping models.   The bottom line is that the Sierra is going to get pounded with good quality snow on Thursday and very dense deep snow over the weekend (3-5 feet at the highest elevations).  Most of Oregon will do very well during the next 2-3 days (1-2 feet  at most resorts).  The Washington Cascades show snow increasing on Sunday (High snow levels) and better chances of colder smoke for Mid next week. The Cascades might get deep by next Wednesday!

The TetonsNorthern Wasatch, and Central Idaho are bullseye’s Friday-Monday. Colorado is not far behind!    The deepest waves might happen Friday night into Saturday and again Sunday night into Monday.   There are very little breaks between systems so hard to pinpoint exact deep points.  Density will be lighter in the north perhaps near Jackson, and wetter to the south.  Stick with higher elevation areas until perhaps Sunday or Monday.

Colorado and will grab rewards in the southern mountains on Friday with light to moderate snow (Silverton, Durango, Wolf Creek). Decent waves also possible for Arizona Snow bowl Friday (3-6).  Snow intensifies on Saturday/Sunday over the central and northern mountains (Beaver Creek, Aspen, Steamboat, Powderhorn). Intensity increases again late Sunday into Monday (Deepest day) with colder drier snow.  The southern mountains including New Mexico get back into the action by Monday.  Snow showers will continue in Colorado into Tuesday.


Thursday– Sierra PM (Northern Sierra – decent density (6-10)

Friday– Central Idaho (Sun Valley, Mount Hood, Bachelor, Tetons PM).

Saturday– Tetons, Wasatch (Powder Mountain,  Snowbasin favored), Central Idaho, Sierra, Central Colorado  (Aspen snowing moderately, Powderhorn, Beaver Creek-wildcard). Density might be better in the northern resorts. The Sierra density will be wet turning drier by Sunday.

Sunday– Tetons, Wasatch, Central Colorado, Sierra continued snow, Central Idaho (Heavy snow).

Monday  Colder air moves into the Wasatch and Colorado decreasing density earning a chase pick to watch. Snow intensity will decrease with the passage of the front.  New Mexico and northern top of Arizona  will likely get action during the day.




Powderchaser Steve

Here is what we chased down last week at Silverton Mountain last Saturday!  This is one of  favorite videos of the season


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