The 36 Year Old FWT Rookie | Garrett Altmann Profile

The 36 Year Old FWT Rookie | Garrett Altmann Profile


The 36 Year Old FWT Rookie | Garrett Altmann Profile


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Each year the top four athletes from each FWQ Region, as determined by points earned that year at 1-4 Star FWQ events, earn a spot to compete on the following seasons FWT. Last year the athlete with the 3rd most points from Region 2 (North an South America) was Garrett Altmann. Altmann who currently hails from Taos Ski Valley, NM has had a long and varied skiing career, which has taken him from California to Idaho to Alaska and beyond. At 36 years old Altmann has about a decade more skiing experience than his average FWT competitor, but he is just as excited as ever to get out and rip up some powder.

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Always down for a good time! Altmann shows his timeless flexibility at Crested Butte in 2013.

A good natured guy who is always quick to share a story, a joke, or a drink with fellow skiers Altmann has the ability to switch to a very serious competition mode quickly and with impressive results. His ability to focus and perform his best when it counts most is likely a result of his time competing in moguls in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Altmann was a member of the US Freestyle Development team from 1998-2001.  Not a stranger to the camera Altmann has shot with Warren Miller Films on both “50” and “Ride”.  There is even a rumor that he was on the cover of the Sun Valley, ID phone book back in the day…:-)

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Altmann also allegedly has a long running rivalry with “The Flying Frenchman” Julien Lopez from their early days of mogul bashing. His competitive nature coupled with his humorous demeanor explains his motto on the FWT Bio page  “Beat the French.  Oh wait…have fun, be safe, & send it!” One more interesting thing about Mr. Altmann is that he works full-time at the nuclear laboratories of Los Alamos near Santa Fe, NM.

The 2014 FWT has been going fairly well for Mr. Altmann so far. With a second place finish at Chamonix this season he is currently sitting in 8th place overall on the FWT. That is the highest position for anyone from Region 2 at this point. Not bad for a 36 year old rookie eh?

Read more about Garrett Altmann on this FWT Bio Page here.

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Altmann, pumped to be 3rd overall on the FWQ in 2013.



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