The 10 Most Intense Ski Runs In The US | According to Business Insider

The 10 Most Intense Ski Runs In The US | According to Business Insider


The 10 Most Intense Ski Runs In The US | According to Business Insider


Corbet's_Couloir_jackson_hole, with a little help from Liftopia, have come up with what they consider the “10 Most Intense Ski Runs In The US“. How a groomed run made it on the list we do not know, but have a look and let us know what they missed. 

The most difficult runs in the U.S. serve up 50-degree pitches, drop-offs upwards of 30 feet, and frozen waterfalls buried under powder. Navigating them requires mental stamina and fast footwork.

Our friends at Liftopia, an online ski marketplace that offers discounted lift tickets, helped us find the trails that have even the most expert skiers shaking in their boots. –

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Corbet’s Couloir – Jackson Hole, WY

Pro Tip: Some skiers panic down the chute and try to stop after landing, which is unwise at 40mph. Jackson Hole’s ski coaches say, “Don’t stop, stand up and ski!”

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The Fingers – Squaw Valley, CA

Pro Tip: Avoid the center of the run, where transitions get swept away and snow sluffs expose hidden rocks.

Paradise – Mad River Glen, VT

Pro Tip: It’s easy to lose people in the trees, so try to stay cognizant of your group’s whereabouts at all times.

Paranoid 4 – Mammoth, CA

Pro Tip: Beware of patches where the wind strips away snow. The locals can advise where to avoid.

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Pipeline – Snowbird, UT

Pro Tip: Be prepared for backcountry and avalanche conditions. Always carry (and know how to use) the right safety gear: a beacon, shovel, and probe.

Rambo – Crested Butte, CO

Pro Tip: Adrenaline junkies craving steep drops should steer toward the slope’s northern face and the generous bowl that butts up against it.


The Slides – Whiteface, NY

Pro Tip: Take your time. There are frozen waterfalls beneath the snow about halfway down the trail, and safe navigation around them is critical.

S1 – Aspen/Snowmass, CO

Pro Tip: The intimidating top section requires a bit of air time before entering.

S&R Cliffs – Mount Hood Meadows, OR

Pro Tip: The wet, “cascade concrete” powder holds well on the ground, but is difficult to ski until it’s packed by other skiers’ runs.

White Nitro – Sugarloaf, ME

Pro Tip: The run gets more challenging as the day progresses because the sun hides behind the mountain, freezing the snow until it’s diamond-hard. Hit the slopes early.

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