Meet Michael Mason - The Skiing Bodyguard

Meet Michael Mason - The Skiing Bodyguard


Meet Michael Mason - The Skiing Bodyguard


Michael Mason might just be the only guy we know who can protect you from yourself by teaching you how to ski, and others who might want to kidnap you. Based in Verbier, Mason is a licensed Close Protection Operator/Bodyguard, qualified Swiss Alpine Ski instructor, Japanese martial arts expert, and all around badass. He works with an elite clientele of celebrities and the seriously wealthy.

“People like Russian billionaires,” says Mason, “they know that criminals are going to think seriously about kidnapping their kids. They probably have their own highly trained security, and are protected in resort, and when they are driving – but can their bodyguards ski?”

So what does a ski instructor/bodyguard do if things get ugly on the slopes? Pop off his skis and use them to chop some heads?

“It’s all about eyes,” says Mason. “It’s seeing a problem before it gets too close. It’s about planning, and being prepared. Close protection isn’t about being a roughty-toughty, it’s being able to think clearly and spot trouble before it happens. That’s all part of your training.”

“It’s not so different from the awareness you need as a ski instructor,” says Mason. “The whole time you are thinking about the safety of your students, watching out at crossings, keeping an eye out for skiers or snowboarders who might be out of control.”

Mason’s protection also extends to breaks – for example, avoiding exposure in visible locations by making reservations for lunch, using a false name that has been agreed with the restaurant.

So next time your billionaire friends don’t know what to do with their kids while they heli-ski, point them in the direction of Mason and maybe they’ll invite you up for a run or two.

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