Après Classics - 4 Ways to Get Hammered in a Ski Town

Après Classics - 4 Ways to Get Hammered in a Ski Town


Après Classics - 4 Ways to Get Hammered in a Ski Town


Beer, Beer, Beer –  First off, it’s already been proven by scientists that a beer after skiing is good for you! In many parts of America PBR is widely embraced by the ski community as the go to brewski. Maybe it helps that the Pabst family also started their own ski resort, Bromley in Vermont. In Europe, where PBR is hard to come by, Carlsberg is the après go-to loudmouth soup. “The Pub” Verbier’s favorite ski bum hangout has the unique distinction of being the world’s largest consumer of Carlsberg. Meanwhile, if you happen to be living it up in South America for a summer of skiing, a nice cold Quilmes is your go-to rocketsauce.


Jagermeister from a Shot Ski – Jagermeister from a Shot Ski is simply the easiest way to get ski bunnies to take copious amounts of après booze. If you don’t believe us grab dad’s old 230’s off the wall, mount some shot glasses to it and watch the bad decisions fly!


Bourbon from the “Trusty Old Flask” – For the broke-ass ski bums out there, everyday is a good day for flask day. Bourbon out of a flask is the libation of choice for most grizzled ski bums for two reasons. 1 – It’s cheaper then getting a drink at the bar. 2 – They don’t need to stand in line with the rest of the gapers waiting for the local bartender to get done flirting with their ex-girlfriend (who dumped him because of one too many “flask days”).


Vin Chaud – Euros love their hot, spiced wine known as Vin Chaud. Its a staple skier drink at any Euro ski chalet or après bar. It’s so delicious that before you know it you are stumbling out of a bar several hours later thinking “where the hell am I, where did all these hot babes come from and why are they talking so funny?”


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