PHNX Board: Clever New Backyard Snowboards For $245

PHNX Board: Clever New Backyard Snowboards For $245


PHNX Board: Clever New Backyard Snowboards For $245


PHNX Board: Backyard Snowboards

Following a successful kickstarter campaign PHNX Board is rolling out it’s second edition run of 100 boards that are now being completed.

The secret to the binding/brake system is the rip-cord. By using a rider-activated cord, and channeling the energy from the front to the back of the board, we unleashed the power and control of the rider to activate the binding/brake. In addition, the systemonly needs to bind your rear foot; your front foot simply steps on the cord to lock your rear foot in. The force of your front foot pushing down is countered by the force of the rider pulling the cord, with the rear foot providing a stabilizing force. That’s how you stay on the board over jumps!

Also, since the system is spring-hinged, it snaps back when the cord is released. You are released from the binding, the brake is activated, and the board comes to a stop. How cool is that? –

You can buy your own PHNX Board HERE for just $245

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