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2014 Winter Weather Prediction From

2014 Winter Weather Prediction From


2014 Winter Weather Prediction From


Map showing a Winter weather prediction for 2014

Map showing a Winter weather prediction for 2014

2014 Winter Weather Prediction | Old Farmers Almanac

 Here is a look at a winter weather prediction from

Looking At The Pattern– The Pattern since late winter, (February & March) up until now has favored occasional warm spells but also average to bellow average cool spells in terms of temperature. Pattern seems to favor several spells of cool weather, will have to see if this pattern continues. Also if you have been following the posts on you can tell that we have had a number of systems ride up the coast, whether it be post tropical systems (Andrea) or just systems that developed. They have moved up the coast in a favorable track for snow. Last time we saw this pattern develop this early (winter of 2009-2010). (*NOT calling for anything close to winter of 2009-2010*)

I have related this summer, and this upcoming hurricane season to the 2005 year. However I do not see the winter of 2013-2014 being quite like that year. It started off colder than average in December and then turned into an all out torch. That year also happened to be a la nina year. But why isnt this the best analog then? Well consider that, during the prior winter, there was a weak to moderate el nino in place. This year, we are going from a neutral phase to a possible weak la nina. Now Typically during weak la nina years it favors more snow in the Eastern half of the nation. I will use Washington d.c as an example. (Bellow) Washington D.C typically has about 15″ of snow a year. During a weak la nina year though it usually is above average snowfall wise. This theme typically repeats itself up and into the northeast and in the Midwest.

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So what do i think will happen this winter with all of this in mind? Well It will be colder than average in the Eastern half of the United States, With the exception of January where I believe we will see a mild January thaw in the east, However no where near the state that we had the 2005-2006 winter. Winter Will get off to an early start in the east, picking up where it left off this past winter late in the year. Fizzle away as we head into January and then come back on near the Mid-Point in February, where I think the brunt of the winter will be. The winter battle zone will be a tricky one though. Right now it extends along the coast in the northeast, southeast of the Big cities, into north and south Carolina, northern Georgia, Tennessee and including Oklahoma. However even a slight change in the weather pattern can cause that area to be shifted north and west and you may be in the area again this year of the slop storms, or just plain rain.


I do believe it will be a wetter than average year in the east, and perhaps even in the pacific northwest. Only may you will be provided with today is the projected temperature maps and snowfall departure from normal maps. Any questions on the winter outlook, please leave them bellow and I will try to answer them.

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