The Lost | Legs of Steel Official 2013 Trailer

The Lost | Legs of Steel Official 2013 Trailer


The Lost | Legs of Steel Official 2013 Trailer


Coming to you on the 24th September 2013

This year Legs of Steel are going back to their roots, releasing a no rules ski movie produced by the crew, for the crew. The LOSt sees the boys unleash a visual experience that simply pounds to the same beat of what it is like and means to film with Legs of Steel, so expect fire, energy and black-magic ski action all wrapped up in their own unique brand of stunning cinematography.

A ski film directed by Andre Nutini and Daniel Trenkle. Filmed by Andre Nutini, Dani Trenkle and David Peacock. Aerial Cinematography by Followcopter. Produced by Legs of Steel.

Orginal Soundtrack by SiNCH & Victor Flowers

Thomas Hlawitschka, Paddy Graham, Bene Mayr, Tobi Reindl, Tobi Tritscher, Sven Kueenle, Teddy Berr, Tom Leitner, Max Hill, Lolo Favre, Frej Joensson, Antti Ollila, KC Deane, Oscar Scherlin, Sebi Geiger, Fabio Studer, Ferdl Winter and the Nine Knights

Völkl, Marker, Oakley, Sweet Protection, Full Tilt, Fiat Freestyle Team, Fischer, Davos
Klosters, TSG, Monashee Powder Snowcats, Eagle Pass Heliskiing

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