Your ski-hucking days are probably over for the season unless you are up in AK right now. For the rest of humanity though, summer is here and even if you don’t kayak you can still appreciate the mad-sick-nasty-Gnar-face waterfall drops in this video. Clearly, these guys are insane. But that is good for our viewing pleasure. This is Bomb Flow TV Episode 9 and it is a little long to watch in one sitting, but in its entirety it is well made and nicely edited. I found myself skipping the transportation segments and watching the huckfest that seems to never end.

The drops at 14:19 were my favorite, especially the first of the double stage. It went something like this: ferry across river above waterfal to tiny eddy. If you miss this eddy you go splat on the rocks below. Drop off the side of the falls and recover in the little pool. Don’t f*ck up the first drop because the big drop is 8 feet downstream. Send big falls. Celebrate. Repeat.

Summer is here in my book. Watch this and get stoked for boating season! Oh It’s called “Go To Church” by the way.

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