The Top 5 US Cities for skiers and snowboarders. What cities has the most ski resorts. What is the best US city for skiers and snowboarders? Top 5 Large U.S. Cities For Skiers & Snowboarders | Unofficial Networks

Top 5 Large U.S. Cities For Skiers & Snowboarders

Top 5 Large U.S. Cities For Skiers & Snowboarders


Top 5 Large U.S. Cities For Skiers & Snowboarders


Large U.S. Cities = Populations Over 500,000 People


#1. Denver, CO

Spend some time in the Mile-High City, and you might just think every single Denveronian either skis or snowboards. Hop on I-70 on a Friday afternoon, and you will be sure of it. During the 2010/11 season, Colorado resorts recorded more than 12 million skier visits. That number accounts for more than 20 percent of all skier visits nationwide, not bad considering 37 different states host at least one ski resort.

Population: 619,968

Ski Resorts within 4 Hours: 19

Closest Ski Resort: Loveland Ski Area (56.5 miles – about 1 hour)


#2. Seattle, WA

The ski resorts of the Pacific North West often receive the most snowfall in the entire United States. Heck, during the 1998-99 season Mt. Baker received 1140 inches of snow. That is 95 feet of snow at a ski resort you can drive to!

Population: 620,778

Ski Resorts within 4 Hours: 12

Closest Ski Resort: The Summit at Snoqualmie (52 miles – just under 1 hour)


#3. Portland, OR

Portland is not only weird; it’s also a great city for skiers and snowboarders. Mt. Hood, located just over an hour away, is home to some of the best skiing anywhere in the states. Added to this, Timberline Lodge offers nearly year-round skiing.

Population: 593,820

Ski Resorts within 4 Hours: 11

Closest Ski Resort: Mt Hood Skibowl (54.6 mi, just over 1 hour)


#4. Boston, MA

The ski resorts of New England might not boast the deepest snowpacks or the highest peaks but with more than 60 ski resorts located within driving distance of Boston how could Beantown not make the list?

Population: 625,087

Ski Resorts within 4 Hours: > 60

Closest Ski Resort: Blue Hills Ski Area (16.8 mi – about 24 minutes)


#5. San Francisco, CA

Beautiful Lake Tahoe is located just 3.5 hours from the tech capital of the planet. The Tahoe Area is home to some 13 ski resorts all enjoying an abundance of annual snowfall. In SF you can make a fortune and blow it all on a lakefront cabin.

Population:  812,826

Ski Resorts within 4 Hours: 13

Closest Ski Resort: Sugar Bowl Resort (179 mi, just under 3 hours)

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