A 4 bedroom home on the shores of Lake Tahoe is on the market for a whopping $39,750,000 smackers. Thats almost $10,000,000 per bedroom. Lets say you put down 20% ($7,950,000) and get a 30 year fix rate mortgage on this spread. Your monthly payments would be a staggering $142,956 A MONTH. But with views like this….. YOLO!
Architecturally significant and spectacularly engineered to maximize views. Sheer walls of glass, glass elevator,6-story glass stairwell, hidden garden rms & living stairs, 98′ lake frontage, steel pier & hoist, 2 buoys, 80 KW generator,Gym & Spa.
  • Bedrooms:4 beds
  • Bathrooms:4 baths
  • Single Family:8,694 sq ft
  • Lot:21,387 sq ft
  • Year Built:2010
  • Parking:Garage
  • Listing website:Coldwell Banker

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  1. mac says:

    wow think of all the ass you would get

  2. $ doesn't Equal Game says:

    I know guys who live under the poverty line who get more 10′s than people who buy places like this…

  3. Danimal says:

    Listing Broker: Bryce Kellogg

  4. JacksonAHole says:

    You could buy 40000 pairs of Kestles for that dump

  5. SS says:

    that is disgusting. yuppy-land

    • spaulding smails says:

      Yeah, yuppies who employed a few dozen guys to build the house, a dozen more finish carpenters to buff out the interior, scores more who designed and built the fixtures and furniture…how many jobs did this house create for people who buy season passes and take the winter off to ski?

      Hating is so boring dude…

      • Mountain Guy says:

        You’ll get bothing and like it!

      • Fart says:

        Yeah it sure created jobs, in a really unsustainable way. And do you think the workers got paid the full value of what they put in considering the price tag?

        My conservative guess would be…NO.

        How short-sighted can you be?

  6. jsmizzle says:

    suddenly i want to be really really rich

  7. Andy H says:

    Pretty crazy that it took significantly longer to build than the original owner held on to it.

  8. dongcheese says:

    Or you could just squat there until someone buys it

  9. ah ha dave says:

    I love the shit head losers that negative comment on this… you know you want that.

    • Franz says:

      Sorry, no I don’t. That place is fugly and belongs in the city along with the interior designer. Just take 80 west and you’ll be there in no time. I want the 40 million though.

  10. SquawBear says:


    Half the price, way sicker

    • Riding High says:

      Agreed, this is how Tahoe luxury is done. Please take note, out-of-touch real estate developers.

      • Fart says:

        Both are examples of how it should never be done, ever.

        People that desire these kinds of things are supremely out of touch with their environment and fellow human beings, having the unfortunate capacity to bring disparity to what should be a shared place. What gluttonous money whores.

  11. Bradon says:

    This is the house that’s construction clogged 28 for 2 1/2 years. Actually ugly design if u see it from the lake, no yard, no real pier. West shore, best shore.

  12. skieo says:

    For $40m I’d buy Kirkwood and have $30m left over in change!

  13. MrsFox says:

    I’m guessing the listing price is just $40mil solely to attract some douche to buy it just so he can say he dropped $40mil on a house. It truly does not look like a $40mil house. I’ve seen nicer ones for $6mil in the area. And yes, the style of this house belongs in the city.
    I’m with the guy who said he’d buy Homewood. I’d rather share my wealth.

    And no, the negative comments aren’t jealousy.

  14. Banker Bob says:

    Exactly the kind of home that Tahoe does not need. Charm, nada. Beauty, nada. Ugly, oh yah. Pretty much a realtors wet dream kinda house.

  15. achronamous says:

    poverty with a view.. would be sick to live in that room.

  16. Agent P says:

    I can’t golf at all but I had a vision of just teeing balls in that glass cat house ripping with abandon.

  17. Squaw says:

    Rich Gapers

  18. rico says:

    I don’t recall letting you guys in to take those pics!

  19. geriatic Skier Gurl says:

    No ski equipment storage.

    No place for toiletries and makeup in those bathrooms. No way to hang towels adjacent to the showers, tubs, or sinks.

    $40 mil and the kitchen has no visible fridge, dishwasher, oven, (wtf do these creatures eat, anyway? styrofoam packing peanuts ? soylent green ?) and it has a Breakfast Bar with the world’s ugliest barstools with built- in butt- cracks.

    Awesome. It looks as sterile as a hotel.


  20. TrulioUi says:

    Sick! But I would rather have a 3 foot pow day!!!! Let it snow!!

  21. Larry OG says:

    unofficial is getting so played .. what do you expect asking a bunch of ski bums if they’d want a $40 million dollar lakefront glass estate?

  22. pine tree says:

    Kill Cal Trans/
    Save Lake Tahoe and maybe? a reason to have a vacation home like this.

  23. Riding High says:

    Just because you CAN build a house like this, does it mean that you SHOULD?? It’s one thing if you’re building your own dream home to live in for the rest of your life, but it just seems wack to build such a giant house in a style very uncharacteristic of the area just to turn around and put it on the market? If I had that kind of money I would make sure there was at least a decent amount of affordable housing for service workers that it takes to maintain this giant house that is surly almost never to be lived in, otherwise I would just feel like some shameless out of touch douche who is desecrating one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Not like that would be a first for Tahoe tho..

  24. Fart says:

    Yet another unsustainable abode. Its funny to see the critical reactions here getting so many negative votes.

    This idea of “luxury” construction giving people jobs is only a 1 shot deal too, the job production argument expires after the build season and then the local workers that erected the thing get bucked. Ever heard of gentrification? Big city ignorance seems to seep its way in no matter what.


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