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2013 Old Famers Almanac Summer Weather Prediction Map

2013 Old Famers Almanac Summer Weather Prediction Map


2013 Old Famers Almanac Summer Weather Prediction Map


 2013 Farmers Almanac Summer Prediction Map

Here is a look at the Old Farmers Almanac 2013 Summer prediction / outlook / forecast weather map. According to the Old Farmers Almanac the East Coast will be experiencing a Hot and Dry summer. California will also be experiencing a warm and dry summer but to the north in the PNW the weather will be warm and wet along the coast with cool and wet conditions inland. The Farmers Almanac goes on to say that much of the Midwest will have a cool and dry summer.

How Accurate Is The Farmers Almanac’s Weather Predictions?

via news.discovery.com

For nigh on to two centuries, Americans have taken a gander at farmer’s almanacs for auguries about the weather. Millions of readers think they are the bee’s knees but atmospheric scientists scoff at the ability of olde-tyme formulas to prognosticate the weather.

“Based on my own analysis, and that of others, the monthly mean forecasts published by the ‘Old Farmer’s Almanac’ (OFA) lack value,” Nick Bond, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Washington’s State Climatologist, told Discovery News.

The “Farmers’ Almanac” and the “Old Farmer’s Almanac” are in competition with each other, but also face stiff competition from meteorologists with millions of dollars worth of satellites, radar dishes and other new-fangled contraptions.

The “Farmers’ Almanac” has weathered these scientific advances with stalwart faith in the founder’s formula.

“The formula we use dates back to 1818. It is a mathematical and astronomical formula that takes sunspot activity, tidal action of the moon and position of the planets into consideration. The complete formula is known only by our weather prognosticator — Caleb Weatherbee,” said Sandi Duncan, managing editor of the “Farmers’ Almanac.”

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