Current Conditions @ Mt. Shasta []

Current Conditions @ Mt. Shasta []


Current Conditions @ Mt. Shasta []


Mount Shasta, Eastside view.

Mt. Shasta Current Conditions – We really aren’t complaining about the near perfect weather that has been the covering the north state for the last several weeks. January finished up with less than an inch of water for the month. A dominant high pressure ridge kept the storm track to our north and except for a couple days of light snow showers it was gorgeous blue skies for many days this past month.

Mt. Shasta Eastside

Although we’re always looking to add to our  snowpack, the mild days and calm winds have been down right pleasant. Summits were reached, corn was skied, and blue bird days were enjoyed by winter enthusiasts.

As far as when we can get back to powder skiing and boosting our winter snowpack, well let’s check the ‘ol crystal ball….Maybe next week we’ll tap into a southern flow and get the Shasta snow machine back online…

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