Why Does SQUAW have More Athletes in the Freeride World Tour Than Any Other Ski Resort on Earth??

Why Does SQUAW have More Athletes in the Freeride World Tour Than Any Other Ski Resort on Earth??


Why Does SQUAW have More Athletes in the Freeride World Tour Than Any Other Ski Resort on Earth??



Squaw Valley USA has 6 athletes in the Revelstoke Freeride World Tour event.  That’s more than any other ski resort on Earth…

This fact brings to mind 2 important questions that Unofficial asked all 6 of the FWT Squaw athletes:

# 1.  How has Squaw prepared you to perform on big mountain skiing’s/snowboarding’s biggest stage?


# 2.  Why does Squaw Valley have more athletes in the Freeride World Tour than any other ski resort on Earth?

The Mackenzie face will see all 6 of the Squaw Valley USA athletes tomorrow. photo: FWT

Squaw’s Six Athletes:


1.  Jackie Paaso – skier

Jackie (center) after winning the Squaw Freeride World Tour.  photo:  FWT

1.  “I think Squaw has helped me prepare for the FWT ‘cause they have an amazing group of athletes to ski and train with.  Some of my best friends like Timy Dutton, Michelle Parker, Elyse, and JT.  All those guys are so much fun to train with and are a really motivating crew.  And the terrain is a giant playground.  There are so many things to drop off of and it’s just a really great training ground for a big mountain contest.” – Jackie Paaso

2.  “It’s the best…  I think there are so many people motivating you and it’s so much fun.  The terrain is hard to beat.  It’s just a giant playground, as I said before.” – Jackie Paaso


2.  Iris Lazzareschi – snowboarder



1.  Squaw got me prepared for the FWT because there is so much to jump off and so many different options in terrain.  You go over to to Red Dog and there is one kinda rock and the snow is a little bit different and you go over to Granite Peak and it’s a completely different style of rock and sometimes the snow is different, too.” – Iris Lazzareschi

2.  “Because that’s where all the legends live and that’s where all the legends come from.” – Iris Lazzareschi


3.  Kevin O’meara – skier

Kevin distributing smiles as per usual. photo: FWT

1.  “Having the sick terrain to train and play and get ready on.” – Kevin O’meara

2.  “Because the talent level at Squaw.  Everyday, there’s a lot of talent at Squaw.  Everyone is just feeding off of each other.” – Kevin O’meara


4.  Sammy Luebke – snowboarder

Sammy in chill mode. photo: grenade gloves

1. “Growing up riding Squaw has helped me prepare just beccause they have an endless amount of terrain.  KT is a mountain in itself.  Skiers there seem to be pretty avid freeriders.  They show you around a bit and pump you up.  It’s been a privilege to ride that mountain and it’s helped me become a better rider.” – Sammy Luebke

2.  “There’s tons of terrain, easy access, not a lot of traversing, and you can go right to the top.  I think the history there with a lot of big time skiers back in the day really set it up for a lot of people after their time.  The snowboard scene has been going off.  I think a lot of snowboarders are trying to impress the skiers in a way to show the skiers that they can do it, too.  That they’re not just stoping and falling leaf down the mountain.  It’s just super simple.  Everything is right there and everyone is doing it and you just wanna do it, too.” – Sammy Luebke


5.  Sean Collin – skier

Sean Collin. photo: alli ski

 1.  “Squaw is a very challenging mountain with a certain “competitive atmosphere”.  Pushing your limits there will get you ready for anything.” – Sean Collin

2.  “I think it is because of the mountain and the people, doing bell to bells on KT creates the best skiers in the world.” – Sean Collin


6.  Ralphy Backstrom – snowboarder

Ralphy and Penguins at the North Pole…right?

1.  “The bang for you buck is pretty good.  Lotza features.  I kinda like the slight bit of attitude.  A lotta good riders makes for a slightly competitive environment.” – Ralphy Backstrom

2.  “I think because we have easily accessible features that are visible from the chairlift so that you can feed off each other and see what’s possible from those features.” – Ralphy Backstrom


Why do YOU think Squaw has more athletes in the FWT than any other ski resort?


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